What is a Waterpik? 

Water flossing is a nice way to clean your teeth and remove plaque, however what is a Waterpik?

Waterpik is the most popular and trusted brand that produces quality water flossers.

Good teeth are essential not only for a healthy life but also for your social image. Good looking teeth represent your healthy living habits.

There are many oral specialists who strong recommend water flossing for effective care of teeth. For this, you need to have a very effective tool. In the market, there are thousands of water flossers available but nothing is better than Waterpik water flosser.

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How to use your Waterpik

1. All Waterpik water flossers come with a water reservoir, firstly you should fill enough warm water in it.

2. There are two kinds of tips which can be attached to the tool. The first one with dark color is usually for the low pressure. You must use this one to start the process of flossing.

3. In the next step you should lean over the sink and place the tip into your mouth for better and effective cleaning.

4. For the best results you should begin in the posterior area first.

5. Go slow in the starting after turning on the device.

6. You can increase the pressure of water as per your comfortable level.

7. You must now cover the anterior area and other side by moving tips.

8. Just a for single second you should take a little pause when the tip is between teeth.

9. Don’t overdo it for the safety side and after the reservoir is empty you should also remove the flosser tip.

10. To keep the tool hygienic you should remove remaining water from it by letting the reservoir air out.

Attaching additional tips

The Waterpik water flosser comes with different types of tips which are very helpful for the cleaning process.

You can choose from a wide range of tips according to its utility and demand of your teeth cleaning process.

Following are the major kind of tips which can be used effectively:

1. Classic jet tip

2. Toothbrush tip

3. Plaque seeker tip

4. Orthodontic tip

5. Pikpocket tip

Waterpik Benefits

There are immense benefits of using using a water flosser for your teeth and some of them are listed here:

1. In case you have braces on your teeth none another method of cleaning will be effective for your teeth.

2. This water flosser is much effective than air floss, it also improves the overall health of your gums.

3. It increases the blood flow in gums by putting the right pressure on them. After some time you will realize that your gums are getting pink again.

4. Harmful plaque around your gums can cause tooth decay. With this, you can remove unwanted plaque and restore the healthy and hygienic condition of your mouth.

5. People with infected and bleeding gums cannot use other methods of cleaning like string or air. For them, water glossing method can be really life-saving.


The best place to buy a Waterpik is at retail stores that include Target, Walmart and Amazon. Now that you understand what a waterpik is and how to use it effectively, you should be able to point out the benefits and understand how to operate the flosser and clean your teeth effectively! 

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