Waterpik WP-100 Review 

The Waterpik WP 100 is one of the best-selling products and for good reason! It has a large water reservoir ideal for family use. In addition, it has many interesting features that allow you to maintain excellent oral hygiene.

When choosing the best water flosser, you need to choose an oral irrigator that suits your specific dental cleaning needs. Head over to our Top 10 water flosser review to determine which water flosser suits you! ​

What type of oral irrigator is the WP-100? 

Thanks to the advances in dental technology, there are different types of oral irrigators. Depending on the features of each, its use will be more or less optimal.

Water flossers are designed to be used at home as flossers tend to take a big amount of space up, however the benefit is that these flossers can be plugged into your power socket and will receive more power and become more effective.

The Waterpik WP-100 is a normal irrigator for people who will use it mainly in their homes and therefore do not plan to move the flosser regularly or take it traveling.


The Waterpik WP-100 allows us to change the pressure of the pulsating jet of water and in addition, has a regulator button with 10 positions with which to be able to modify the intensity in a range that pulsates. If you do not understand this technical information, do not worry because when you start using the flosser you will see that it is really simple and that you will only have to look at the different degrees of pressure until you find the combination that best suits your needs in terms of both comfort and cleaning.

Keep in mind that if you set it with too much pressure it is possible that the gums may hurt, especially in the case of having them inflamed, but on the contrary, if you use it with little pressure will not get to do the proper cleaning, As they say: "in the middle is virtue".

You will also be interested to know that the WP-100 from Waterpik has several flossing tips. Each of them is ultimately adapted to a particular use. Above all, we highlight two, which are the ones that deserve the most attention: the first is a tip to clean the tongue and the second is a flossing tip that is specifically designed for orthodontic care, braces or implants these tips will allow you to perform a much deeper cleaning.

Another interesting feature is that the capacity of your water tank is more than half a liter, about 600 ml. This feature will allow you to thoroughly wash your teeth, gums, tongue and cavity without having to stop to recharge the tank.

The Waterpik WP-100 also has a nozzle regulator that will allow you to open and close the water pressure flow with a single finger. When first using the product it may be a little uncomfortable handling the device but as soon as you get some practice it will be very easy and intuitive.

How should the product be used?

The operation will see that it is really simple. It may take a while to get used to using the device at first, but as you begin to take a minimum of practice you will realize that it is really easy and intuitive.

1. First fill the tank with water or mouthwash, depends on what you prefer.

2. Then, choose any flosser tip that for your cleaning purpose.

3. You then activate the irrigator, select the intensity of the water jet you want, take the nozzle and, while holding the button tight, put it in the mouth and release the button.

4. The device will continue to irrigate water until you decide to press the button again.

Quick Note: This water flosser offers the highest water pressure on the market.


The technology used by Waterpik combines device two different jets of water in one product. On the one hand, it allows water to be irrigated under pressure by means of frequency pulsations. 

This arrangement allows the person who uses it to perform deep cleansing that will allow you to leave your mouth and your gums much cooler and cleaner than ever, thus reaching all those areas that your toothbrush couldn’t.

Honestly, the design of this product isn’t too important as the functionality of the product and value it offers is more important. However, the design of the WP-100 is great and will fit perfectly in any modern style bathroom.

What is included in this flosser? 

- 2 Waterpik WP100 standard water pump tips

- 1 accessory for cleaning the tongue

- 1 Waterpik Pik Pocket

- 1 orthodontic Waterpik tip.

- 1 tip Seeker Plate.

- 1 toothbrush plus.


If you want to take your dental hygiene to the next level and want a level of cleaning much greater than what your normally would receive with a normal electric toothbrush, then the Waterpik WP-100 is the water flosser you need.


  • Powerful.
  • Practical and durable.
  • Includes multiple acessories.


  • Price may be high, but its worth it.

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