Water Flossing vs String Flossing 

You can get your shining teeth and pink gums back through effective flossing. It decreases the chances of tooth decay and also keeps the gums healthy.

There are two different ways of flossing your teeth:

  • Water flossing
  • String Flossing

You must be curious to know which method is better, below we have constructed our comparison on water flossing vs string flossing below.

What is water flossing? 

In this method, water is used with pressure to clean the teeth.

1. With a very small size motor and pump, water is sprinkled with pressure on the teeth.

2. This special tool is called water flosser which is particularly designed for taking oral care.

3. The tool is available in different size, shape, and design.

4. It comes with many tips which can be attached in front of the tips for better results.

Pros of water flossing

1. Water picking or water flossing is very easy to use.

2. It is a safe way for the people who are suffering from some kind of gum diseases.

3. The chances of hurting your gums are almost impossible.

4. People with dexterity problems can also do this without any hassle.

5. In order to improve the health of gum you can do some massage actions through it.

6. It is much safer than traditional floss method.

Cons of water flossing

The first thing it cannot be done without the effective tool. In most of the cases, good tools come with a high price.

1. The quality of water must be good.

2. Without electricity, this method cannot be utilised.

3. Cleaning the water pipe of water flosser is annoying.

What is string flossing?

In this method of cleaning teeth, eighteen inches of string is normally used.

It is used manually by wounding around the fingers. You can start working with it by placing it between teeth.

There are many kinds of string floss available in the market like waxed, without waxed and dental tape etc.

Most of the time it needs great attention and steady hands to work nicely with string floss.

Pros of string flossing

People with healthy teeth and gums can use it without any problem.

In case you don’t have any dexterity problems than you can use it with great efficiency for oral care after brushing.

It is not a very costly method; usually, you can buy strings from a chemist.

There are no requirements of any kind electricity of extra tool for this.

It removes the plaque effectively.

The overall health of teeth and gums increase.

It can be done at home without any problem.

Cons of string flossing

It can be very tricky to use string for people with awkward shaped teeth.

People are not getting the best results. 

Excellent concentration and practice is required for this.

People with gum diseases find it very difficult to use.

Doing it wrong can cause pain and bleeding.

Tips for excellent oral health

You can take care of your oral health by string flossing and water flossing as per the condition of your teeth and availability of resources.

But there are some common practices which you can opt for excellent oral health:

1. Clean your teeth twice in a day. Brush them properly and use medicated paste for this.

2. Once in a day you can do flossing to remove unwanted food particles and plaque.

3. For best oral health use both methods with good mouth wash.

4. Visit you're dental with a regular schedule and go through proper dental check-ups.


When it comes to water flossing or using string floss to clean your teeth, you should first consider the present state of your teeth and then choose the most suitable method. Overall water flossing has more advantages as its easier to operate. 

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