Sonicare Airfloss vs Waterpik

Flossing is essential for protecting the teeth and preventing decay of cavities. The water flossers are quick to do their work unlike the traditional string floss. Waterpik and AirFloss perform their work in about 1 to 2 minutes and do a perfect job of keeping dental hygiene. String floss is hard to use and people prefer using water floss or air floss for their dental health. But which is the right choice to make a purchase?

Which is better? A brief overview on Sonicare Airfloss vs Waterpik will help you come to a solution.

Phillips Sonicare Airfloss vs Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

Phillips Sonicare Airfloss

· Uses liquid microburst of air pressure to clean the mouth and gums. Comes with 2 nozzles

· Equivalent to string floss.

· Provides warranty for 2 years.

· Small and compact.

· Does not require a hose.

· Has a short life span.

· Does not create a mess, as it uses air instead of water.

· AirFloss is from Philips, the name that is trusted for their appliances.

· AirFloss has one active product and is often updated. It runs on lithium-ion batteries. These batteries cannot be replaced and a new device has to be purchased. You get a chance to get an updated version every time.

· Airfloss consists of cordless devises and last for a shorter duration.

· Philips AirFloss comes with a single nozzle that suits all purposes.

Waterpik Aquarius Water Floser

· Uses water pressure to clean the mouth and gums. Comes with 7 tips.

· Much more effective than string floss.

· Provides warranty for 3 years.

· Big product and has more capacity to contain water.

· Can reduce gum bleeding and helps to remove plaque.

· Tips have to be replaced at least twice a year.

· They are more powerful than air flosses.

· Waterpik is a traditional company operating since 2005.

· Waterpik comes with multiple nozzles and suffer less of wear and tear. They are corded and do not have a provision for in-built batteries.

· Waterpik that comes as a corded product has a large reservoir. It contains good storage capacity and comes with extra nozzles to. It does not require batteries. It occupies more space.

· Waterpik that is a cordless product has a small reservoir and has to be topped up frequently. The battery life is limited. It is small in size.

Waterflossing vs Airflossing

The waterfloss makes use of water to clean the gums and to clean in-between the teeth to remove debris and small plaque formations. It requires power and water. Water has to be refilled for each use. It uses water pressure which changes for each model.

Air Flosses uses microburst technology for oral hygiene. It combines bursts of air and water to keep the mouth and teeth clean.


Water flossers are safer according to clinical studies ranging over 5 decades according to the literature Review by Jolkovsky DL et al. Compendium of Continuing education in Dentistry, 2015.

Would you like to share?

Airfloss comes with a single nozzle; you cannot share it with a partner. As Waterpik has various nozzles, the same device can be shared with different nozzles. If you do not have a picky partner, you can share the nozzles and the device.

Would you like time to change the nozzles? 

Waterpik has 7 types of nozzles to suit all occasions such as a tongue scraper, gum massager, plaque buster, etc. But the question is who bothers to change the nozzle several times??? The AirFloss comes with one single nozzle that does plenty of work.

· If you are willing to change nozzles for each work, then Waterpik is the best type for you.

· If you are not interested to change the nozzles, but one nozzle is sufficient, the AirFloss is the type for you to use.

Are your gums sensitive?

AirFloss gets frequently updated. The new AirFloss Pro comes with three modes of bursts which are single, double and triple bursts. With these modes, you can use different bursts between the teeth and for the gum line.

Waterpik has a few modes such as massage mode and pulsating mode. You can make use of them as water jet or you can get continuous water. They are best for sensitive gums according to the Journal of Clinical Dentistry (of January 2012). This study was made by BioSci Research Canada, Ltd.

Which design do you prefer? 

· AirFloss has its three modes and a button to turn it on. It is simple and efficient.

· Waterpiks have several water pressure modes. The corded version has 10 settings and cordless version has 2 settings. If you have gum problems or dental problems, this would suit you.

Plug problems

Waterpik comes with European plugs which cannot be used on all sockets. But you can attach an adapter to solve this problem. AirFloss provides good customer service.

In-depth work

The AirFloss is simple and efficient. With one button, you can clean your whole mouth. With Waterpik, you can change nozzles and use it to clean your mouth in-depth, choosing nozzles to clean your teeth and gums separately.

Reservoir Capacity

Airfloss from Philips is a cordless variety and has les capacity. Waterpik has more capacity and you need not refill the container for every use.


Water flosses are being used by almost everyone for daily oral care. The main competing brands are from Philips Sonicare and Airfloss device. Both the companies are reputable and both have good products. Both aim at cleaning the teeth and taking care of the gums.


· To remove plaque and reduce gingivitis, Waterpik is better.

· Waterpik with cords require more storage space, while the cordless ones require less space. Airfloss is small and compact.

· Waterpik devices have a longer life and receive less complaints and faults.

· The choice of using air with micro water bursts or having a good flush with water is left to the discretion of each individual.

· We have provided the various factors required for you to take the decision. Once you make the right choice between Sonicare Airfloss vs. Waterpik, you can visit our top 10 flosser review here for more details on the model, size and color of the oral irrigator you require.

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