Best Water Flosser For Braces Reviews for 2017 

Oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of your health. Without adequate oral hygiene you are not just going to get rotten teeth, you will suffer other health consequences as well because the health of your mouth is closely linked to the health of the rest of your body.

Hence, from both an aesthetic and health related perspective, finding tools that can optimize your oral hygiene is essential. When you have braces, oral hygiene can be a bit more difficult. This is why you should try to find the best water flosser for braces.

Why use a Water Flosser? 

A cordless oral irrigator combines the convenience of traditional floss with the portability of a cordless device. Some of the most notable benefits of investing in a water flosser are:

Water flossers allows you to clean your retainers, thus enabling a cleaner overall feel in your mouth. Food regularly is caught in retainers, which can lead to serious infections. Finding the best Waterpik can be tough because there is so much variety out there, and many of your options are not going to be all that great since the manufacturers would be relying on gimmicks instead of actual quality products.

Finding the right Waterpik flosser is essential because these products can help prevent a number of health problems in the long run, so the financial investment you are making here is well and truly worth it.

Top 3 Overall Best Water Flosser For Braces


Waterpik WP 440

Waterpik WP 660
  • Ergonomic design
  • Large reservoir 


Poseidon - Professional Oral Irrigator

WP 900
  • Highly durable, quality build
  • Wide variety of tips & settings
  • ​Travel Friendly
  • Includes extra tips case


Panasonic EW-DJ10-A

Waterpik review
  • Perfect for little children
  • Lightweight & Easy to carry

These 3 flossers have been specifically chosen out of 5 flossers that we have tested out, these products will help you decide which product may be needed for your braces and implants. 

If you would like to find the top 10 flosser reviews check out this post here where we listed our top 10 oral irrigators. 

1. Waterpik WP-900 Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush

A sonic toothbrush is a marvelous thing. It uses sonic vibrations to loosen up plaque that has built up inside your mouth, thus making tartar far easier to deal with.

This product offers such technology in a cutting edge hardware set up, and it also comes with a reservoir that you can use to wash away the germs and plaque that you are loosening up using this toothbrush.

The design of this product is highly compact, making it the perfect travel companion for those with braces that actually care about their dental health.

Main Features

This product can successfully navigate the often-perilous terrain that those with braces have to face on a regular basis. This is because this flosser is highly precise in its movements, and the ergonomic handle is a joy to use as well because it prevents muscle cramps and the like from occurring with regular use.


  • ​Portable design makes this product easy to carry around
  • Comfortable handle offers easy long term use
  • Easy to charge all accessories with a single port
  • Versatile functionality


  • Battery does not last long enough to enable you to enjoy maximum portability
  • Product takes some practice to use without creating a mess

2. Waterpik Water Flosser For Kids WP-260

Braces are commonly associated with children, so there was obviously going to be a product that was meant for little ones. With this product, you are going to find the perfect electric flosser for your children.

Children are by nature rather rambunctious, and they tend not to realize that they are playing too rough with something before they end up breaking it. This product might be able to withstand even tantrums!

You probably would not have to keep buying a new water flosser every few weeks just because your child broke the last one they got.

Main Features

In spite of the fact that it is quite lightweight, the product is pretty durable as well. This is impressive when you consider the fact that this Waterpik is completely devoid of heft!

An added advantage of using this product is that you can charge it anywhere in the world. It is compatible with a wide variety of electrical outlets, which makes it great for frequent travelers.

The first benefit that this product provides is that it is quite light which would obviously be necessary for a child that would not have the strength of an adult.


  • Perfect for parents that have children with braces
  • Durable in spite of lightweight design
  • Compatible with any power outlet in the world


  • Pressure settings are inadequate for deep cleaning
  • unnecessary modes that dont work well
  • Extra tips provide little benefits to oral hygiene

3. Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser and Nano Sonic Toothbrush WP-440

When you buy a product like this, you want as much versatility as possible. This product in particular is notable because it provides this level of versatility because of the four different tips that come with it at no extra cost.

Each tip provides a different kind of cleaning solution, and if you use each tip regularly you would find that your mouth is very clean indeed.

Additionally, this product comes with a water reservoir that can shoot a constant stream of water into your mouth for forty five seconds.

Main Features

One of the most intriguing aspects of this product is that it applies quite a bit of pressure, so much so that you would get a very deep cleanse indeed if you use it often enough.

This product is also quite adept at handling things like bad breath because of the way the bristles are designed. They get bacteria out from deep between your teeth, bacteria that cause bad breath in the first place.

This is enough to clean out any loose bacteria or plaque that you might want to get rid of and give your mouth a decent rinse in the process.


  • Multiple tips makes teeth cleaning far easier
  • Reservoir has enough volume for a very long last stream of water
  • Ergonomic design


  • Not compatible with a wide variety of power outlets
  • Might be too hard for sensitive users
  • Not very suitable for frequent travelers

4. Waterpik WP-300

One of the most common complains that people have about water flossers is that they can be quite noisy. This is why one of this product’s benefits includes the fact that it functions at such a low volume.

This may seem like it’s not all that important, but when you use it and see just how little noise you have to deal with you are probably going to be quite pleased with your purchase overall.

Main Features

An added aspect of this product that you are going to enjoy is how compact it is. In spite of its powerful flossing potential, this product is quite easy to carry around.

People that travel need products like this in order to keep their teeth clean, and the stylish carry kit this product comes with would be an added bonus that many would be very happy with indeed.


  • Excellent reservoir capacity that provides a stream lasting over a minute
  • very compact and easy to carry with a special case that is quite stylish
  • Compatible with power outlets in every country
  • Pressure levels are easy to customize


  • Not very durable which takes away some of its portability points
  • Lack of versatility due to singular cleaning technique
  • Can be messy if reservoir overfilled

5. Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser WP-670

This product offers quite a bit in the way of versatility. To start off with, you have seven different tips to choose from.

Using a different tip every day can contribute quite a bit to your overall oral hygiene, and you would also find that the storage case you get for your extra tips will come in handy.

Tips are notoriously easy to lose, so a tip case can be immensely useful for those that tend to be absent minded.

Main Features

In our opinion, the water capacity with this product is also phenomenal. You can get up to 90-second long streams, and there are ten pressure settings you can take advantage of as well.

This means that with this product at your disposal you would probably be able to clean your teeth in the most efficient way possible, all while using a single device rather than having to buy several.


  • A wide variety of tips and pressure settings
  • Extremely voluminous reservoir allowing for deep cleansing
  • Built highly durable, perfect for travelling
  • Tips case makes it unlikely that you would lose any accessories


  • Slightly more expensive than the market average
  • Incompatible with power outlets outside North America
  • Not quite portable as other products in the market


All the water flossers mentioned are all great choices, but in our opinion the Waterpik WP-900 is the top flosser that works with braces. 

This product just has so much to offer when it comes to deep cleansing. Once you use this product, you will find your mouth feeling clean and most importantly free from plaque. 

While the other entries on this list are also quite satisfactory in their performance, this product in particular deserves the title of the best oral irrigator for braces that the market has to offer. Cleanliness is very important for health, so this is definitely a product that you would want to look into.

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